Item #31367 Collection of Ohio Punk and Art Pins. Fashion.

Collection of Ohio Punk and Art Pins

Ohio: c. late 1970's-early 1980's. A collection of art and punk pins from Cleveland, Akron, and other locations in Ohio, and collected and preserved by the artist and photograph Jim Clinefelter, of the zine Whitewall of Sound, who was also also a member of the Bad Crabs. The highlight of the collection are several handmade pins, one made with an actual prune, and another made for a specific series of shows - a remarkable and ephemeral collection documenting the true diy spirit of early pinmaking in the punk movement.

1. [Keith Busch]. [Prune Pin]. 2 1/4” circular Badge-a-Minute pin, covered with tinfoil onto which is pasted down an actual dried prune, covered in clear tape.
2. Artist unknown. FUCK. Gessoed and hand-painted, possibly over an appropriated pin.
3. Starvation Army. Handmade, drawn with marker onto a Badge-a-Minute blank.
4. Tin Huey. Hand-painted plastic skull pendant, housed in a plastic stapled bag with the band name on a letraset tab housed within the plastic bag.
5. Tin Huey. Small plastic infant’s bottle,encased in a plastic bag with a letraset label. The back of the label reads JBs Down/Kent Ohio Dec 17 & 18 1982, possible made to commemorate those shows.
6. Tin Huey. Hand-painted card laminated in plastic, with safety pin affixed through two holes above.
7. The Offense. You are the Offense. 1 1/2” pin, without date or imprint. Possibly made for Tim Anstaett’s zine of the same name?
8. The Waitresses. Guest Check. Xerox print on a 2 5/16” x 1 5/16” plastic tab, with safety pin to upper edge. A sticker to the verso reads Patty Donohue THE WAITRESSES.
9. The Waitresses. Printed in two colors on rigid plastic.
10. The Waitresses. 1 1/4” pinback.
11. Hi-Fis. All Priest band. Hand-colored sheet of paper, laminated, with safety pin to top margin.
12. Filmworks. 1” square sheet of photo-mechanically reproduced paper, laminated in plastic with safety pin affixed. A pin made for the early 1980’s film series in Kent.
13. WRUW 91.1 FM. 1” pinback, printed in red. A pin for the influential radio station out of Case Western Reserve University.
14. Dirty Looks. 1 1/4” pinback.
15. Stop Cold. 1” pinback of unknown origin. Item #31367

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