O. Rextasy #10. Solomon Gruberger, ed, Ramones Iggy Pop.

O. Rextasy #10

Brooklyn, NY: O. Rextasy, 1976. 4to, mimeographed from typescript and side-stapled into a photographically illustrated cover sheet.

The longrunning and essential proto-punk music fanzine, part of the nexus of proto-punk fanzines of the Calzone Empire - which also included Raunch and Roll, Quatro Qult and Blitzkrieg.

This issue is notable for including the remarkable text "A Verbatim Transcript of Iggy Stooge's Recent Appearance at a Noted Midwest Folk Hoot Coffeehouse", Lisa Rosenberg's review of the Ramones LP, Art Schaak on the origins of heavy metal, Rory Huechens on the state of music, and more.

Folded twice, with some foxing and rusting to the staples. Very good. Item #29322