We Are All Outlaws in the Eyes of Amerika. Jane Alpert Eldridge Cleaver, Bernardine Dohrn, H. Rap Brown, Father Daniel Berrigan.

We Are All Outlaws in the Eyes of Amerika

np: [1970]. 17 x 22", offset litho in blue on beige paper stock (the poster was also issued in at least one other variant, on white paper). Illustrated with a striking, unattributed drawing featuring Eldridge Cleaver, Jane Alpert, Father Daniel Berrigan, H. Rap Brown, and Bernardine Dohrn sitting around a small fire, over which a pig is being roasted on an arrow spit, clutching Bernardine Bohrn's FBI wanted poster in its mouth.

An unattributed poster, drawing attention to fugitive members of the Black Panther Party, Weather Underground, and Daniel Berrigan.

"In the name of the law, you are an outlaw if you Refuse to fight in Vietnam, burn your draft card, Are a Black Panther or support black liberation, Smoke pot, run away, drop out, join a commune, Are an effete intellectual snob, Sit-in to end ROTC or military research, Use self-defense against cops, Defy the American Death Machine, Wear an American flag shirt, Conspire."

OCLC locates only a single holding, at the UVA, which dates the poster to 1970 but doesn't determine attribution.

Old horizontal fold line, a couple minor handling creases, else near fine. Item #29309

Price: $150.00