Berichtigung! Situationist International, Otto, Heike van de Loo.


Munich: Otto und Heike van de Loo, 1961. 5 7/8 x 8 1/4" leaflet, offset printed on white coated paper stock.

Leaflet issuing a statement by the art dealer Otto van de Loo, in which he announces that plans to creat a laboratory devored to unitary urbanism have been abandoned, and in conclusion offers the Brussels address of the Bureau d'Urbanismus Unitaire, under the responsibility of Attila Kotanyi. The leaflet was at the center of the notorious squabble between the gallerist and Debord, who viewed the act as a potential forgery of the SI's own bureau. The members of SPUR would eventually be excluded from the SI as fallout shortly thereafter.

Fine. Item #29237