Water Light / Water Needle. Kinetic Theater. Carolee Schneemann.

Water Light / Water Needle. Kinetic Theater

New York: Theatre Genesis, 1966. 9 1/2 x 15" poster, offset printed in turquoise on white card stock. Addressed and postmarked (address label partially effaced).

The poster for this early performance work by Schneemann at St. Mark's Church, which ran for four days commencing on March 17. The work featured performers climbing and dangling from ropes, and as originally intended to span a canal in Venice. This staging was the first appearnce of the work, and it precedes the film which was created later that year in Mahwah, New Jersey. The performance and the film were the subject of a 2014 exhibition at Hales Gallery in London.

The participants are listed in the poster, and include Mark Gabor, Tony Holder, Meredith Monk [here spelled Merideth], Yvette Nachmias, Phoebe Neville, Tom O'Donnell, Dorothea Rockburne, Joe Schlichter, Larry Siegel, and Bill Meyer.

Rare ephemera from an early happening, and, with St. Mark's as the venue, an important tie between performance art and the poetry scene around St. Mark's.

Folded twice, with a couple small coffee stains, and a handwritten note at verso about Schneemann in an unknown hand. Item #29120

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