Zine, Handbill, and Leaflet Relating to Hellarity House. Hellarity House.

Zine, Handbill, and Leaflet Relating to Hellarity House

Oakland, CA: Hellarity House, c. 2008-2012. A small stack of material relating to the long-lived Oakland Squat, which began in the 1990's, and struggles against eviction after a developer bought the property.

1. Dreams of Donuts #14. R.I.P. Hellarity House. 8vo, saddle-stapled wraps. Photomechanically reproduced. A residents account of the house, including comics.

2. Hellarity House. A Brief Legal History of a Legendary Bay Area Squat, Our Current Crisis, and How You Can Help! Single sheet folded into 3 panels, photomechanically reproduced from holograph and drawing.

3. Hellarity House. Since the 90's. Small handbill drawing attention to the legal troubles of the house, along with an invitation to come "check your email, rummage our free-box, pet the chickens, oplay in the garden, make art, and help sort all this dumpstered food. You will never be the same." Item #28980

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