Space 1999 [Flyer]. Association of Autonomous Astronauts.

Space 1999 [Flyer]

London: Association of Autonomous Astronauts, 1999. 5 3/4 x 8 1/4" flyer, photomechanically reproduced on orange paper.

The invitation and flyer to the Space 1999 Festivcal of Independent, Community-Based Space Exploration, organized by the Association of Autonomous Astronauts. The AAA began in 1995 as a worldwide community dedicated to the building of independent spaceships and activism against corporate and military control of space. The name functioned as a sort of collective pseudonym, like Luther Blisset, Karen Eliot, or Monty Cantsin, and many of the members came from the mail art scene.

The Space 1999 festival "will be an opportunity to explore the new possibilities that open up when we form autonomous communities in outer space, and to destroy the state, corporate and military monopoly of space travel." To that end, the activities proposed included games of 3-sided football (always an AAA favorite), training for space raves, sex in space, and other workshops.

Small crease to one tip else fine. Item #28930