This is a Cranky...Or Rather, It can be a Cranky. Women's Street Theater.

This is a Cranky...Or Rather, It can be a Cranky.

San Francisco: People's Press, nd [c. 1970's]. Tabloid format, offset printed in color on newsprint.

This remarkable publication from the Women's Street Theater appears at first glance to be a traditional tabloid publication, similar in appearance to countless other tabloids from the underground press in the era. However, this is a remarkable artists' book designed to be cut apart and assembled into a mechanical movie, a Cranky, featuring a wide swathe of animated feminist history, beginning in prehistory and leading up to the 1970s and Angela Davis.

The back cover gives directions for how to make the book into cranky using two paper towel tubes, a shoe box, and two copies of the book "so get together with a friend who has one, or rip off another copy." The drawing of Angela Davis is used to orient the direction of the cranky.

"This little cranky will give you a better idea of the cranky as a theatrical event than simply reading the cartoon in two-dimension. Its simple to put together, certainly cheap, and might be used by women in small gorups to get a feeling of working at something fun together. It doesn't have to result in building a big cranky and giving a whole theatrical performance, but why not?"

One of the most unusual publications of the underground press of the 1970's, and a remarkable artists' book from the feminist movement.

Toned, with some considerable chipping along outer fold, a worn, good only example but complete. Item #28892

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