Energy Dome. Devo. Burt Scrivner.

Energy Dome

np: Devo, 1980. Red vacuum formed plastic dome, 9 1/2" diameter at base. With the Devo name and year 1980 vacuformed inside top, and with Burt Scrivner's studio sticker, dated 1981 inside.

The original, "prototype" edition of the infamous ziggurat energy dome, which first publicly appeared on the cover and promotional materials for Freedom of Choice. In a 2013 interview in USA Today, Mothersbaugh stated that

"We designed them [their hats], Jerry [Casale] and I. We were influenced both by German Bauhaus movement and geometric fashion, and Aztec temples. We just liked the look. It looked good, and it didn't look like any other bands out there. We weren't interested in wearing groovy hats or groovy clothing. We kind of looked like Lego toys or something by the time we got those on our heads, and that was a positive thing."

The domes became one of the most recognizable symbols of the band, and were used extensively, and sold by Devo at concerts. A current version has recently been designed for the Coronavirus crisis. However, this first prototype edition is now quite scarce.

A couple very faint, almost imperceptible scratches, else bright, fine, and uncracked, and very scarce thus. Item #28789

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