Diseased Pariah News 1-5, 7-11. Beowulf Thorne, Tom Shearer, eds.

Diseased Pariah News 1-5, 7-11

San Francisco: Diseased Pariah News, 1990-95. 8vo, each issue saddle-stapled in wraps, some issues with belly bands and inserts, including the flexi-disc issued with no. 5. All issues first printings with the exception of the first two issues, both of which are reprints made while the zine was still being published.

A nearly complete run of the now-legendary 1990's zine. The wraparound band wich appeared on several issues were designed to look like toilet sanitization bands, that for the issue was printed with the text "Not Sanitized For Your Protection." The zine was uncompromising in using bluntness and black humor to create a space for discourse among readers with HIV / AIDS.

The zine was named after a cartoon in the Advocate, which attacked Delta Airlines and their policy of not seating customers with known HIV+ status, showing an airline attendant asking a customer "’Would you like smoking, nonsmoking or the diseased-pariah section?"

The zine survived the death of co-founder Tom Shearer before issue 3. The fifth issue announced that Shearer's ashes were incoprorated into the ink of that issue. DPN ceased publication with issue no. 11 following the death of Beowulf Thorne, concluding, on the masthead "Diseased Pariah News has been a patently offensive publication of, by, and for people with HIV disease (and their friends and loved ones.) This is the final issue of this journal (sniff, sniff). In the eternity since DPN #10 appeared, 66.67% of the editorial staff expired."

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