Q. And Babies? A. And Babies. Art Workers Coalition.

Q. And Babies? A. And Babies.

New York: Art Workers Coalition, 1969. 24 x 28" poster, offset color lithograph.

Jon Hendricks, Frazer Dougherty, and Irving Petlin designed this Art Workers Coalition poster, which is illustrated with a photograph by Army photographer Ron Haeberle. The text, which is printed in red overlay is taken from a radio interview with Paul Meadlo, an American soldier who participated in the massacre. American soldiers intentionally murdered and raped hundreds of unarmed civilians in the massacre, many of them children and babies.The poster presents the army's own photograph of the event, and was printed in large numbers and given away in the streets.

MoMA had originally agreed to fund and distribute the poster, but after seeing it made the cowardly choice to pull out of the project. At the time, both Nelson Rockefeller and William S. Paley were on the board, both of whom war hawks who supported the slaughter in Vietnam. AWC were still able to print 50,000 copies of it, bringing it back to MoMa to lay in front of Guernica. The poster quickly became an image of protest against the war, used in countless marches. Historian M. Paul Holsinger called it "easily the most successful poster to vent the outrage that so many felt about the conflict in Southeast Asia." [War and American Popular Culture. Greenwood Press. p. 363.]. It would return to MoMA for two exhibitions afterwords, Kynaston McShine's Information, as well as Betsy Jones' 1971 show Artist as Adversary.

The poster is one of the few that has remained in the popular consciousness. Discharge's 1982 song "Q. And Children A: And Children" was likely based on the poster, bringing it to new life for the 1980's.

A key protest poster of the decade.

Stored rolled, with a slight and dissipating ripple, toning to margins and some crumpling along upper margin, with a few short resulting tears, else bright and very good. Item #28454

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