V TRE. George Brecht, ed.


Metuchen, NJ: George Brecht, 1963. First edition. 9 3/4 x 12 3/4" sheet, offset lithograph on newsprint.

The antecedent issue of what would become the central periodical of the Fluxus movement, published irregulary until 1979. This first issue was conceived of as a one off newspaper to be published in conjunction with the Yam Festival. V TRE was named after a faulty neon sign which Brecht saw on New Jersey’s beautiful route 22. Brecht printed the single sheet paper himself and sold it for fifty cents in conjunction with the Yam Festival. After this issue Brecht turned over most of the responsibility to Maciunas, who subsequently issued Fluxus cc V TRE Fluxus #1, and went on to publish numerous issues, all with different titles that play with the letters V TRE.

[Leiber 71. Aarons et al pp. 188-190. Fluxus Etc. p. 227. Fluxus Codex, p. 216.]

Folded once, with toning to margins, but bright, supple, and better than usually found. The cheap newsprint used for the project wears easily, and this is the best example we handled. Item #28370

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