Tracts 1-3 [with] Pan Osain. P. Lanborn Wilson Bey, Hakim Bey Peter Lanborn Wilson.

Tracts 1-3 [with] Pan Osain

Brooklyn: Bey, nd [c. 1980's]. 8vo, each issue a single folded sheet aid into a card folder. Each tract with a separate title, i. e. "Jesus the Failure," "Who Are the Non-Juring Anglicans," and "Our Roots." With an additional pamphlet entitled "Pan Osain: St. Anthony of Egypt," which is a single sheet of folded card stock.

A rare collection of early pamphlets by Peter Lanborn Wilson, i. e. Hakim Bey. Each of the tracts is signed "P. Lanborn Wilson Bey," a combination of the author's two names. The address for the publications is given as a P.O. Box 568 in Brooklyn.

Rare. These are only the second time we've handled these pamphlets in the last 15 years, and OCLC locates no holdings. Item #28218

Price: $250.00