Zibaq: Vol. 1, Nos. 1-10; Vol. II, No. 5; Vol. III, No. 1. [Lot of 12 Issues]. Occasion Zine of the Order of Napunsakäs in the West. [Later] The Journal of Advanced Androgyny.

Corpus Christi: Order of Napunsakäs in the West, 1996-1998. 4to, each issue xeroxed in black and white and stapled once at the upper left hand corner.

A substantial run of this zine of the queer occult esoteric order, which solicited membership from "Poofs, pansies, dykes, lezbos, queers, fags, fairies, sissies, goudous, willy-woofers, mahu-holokus, she-males, eunuchs, algolagniacs, continents, adamists, saliromaniacs, scopophiliacs, tribades, cross-dressers, fornicators, nances, ponces, TV's, corybants, monkey-spankers, fetishists, catamites, gerontophiles, bisexuals, auto-erotics, viragoes, frotteurs, &c."

Includes articles on intersexual tantra, astral sex with Jesus, being a Tantric Queer, travels in Queer Asia, etc. Illustrated with a erotic and nude photography and drawings.

Fine. Item #28140