Het Getij [Collection of 52 Issues]

The Netherlands: Het Getij, 1919-1923. Various formats, including the complete years 1918, 1919, 1922 and 1923, and single numbers from 1916 (1), 1920 (4) and 1921 (3). Text in Dutch.

A substantial accumulation of issues of this important modernist little magazine of literature, which included among its staff Theo van Doesberg, and which was notable for its often striking and innovative design. In later issues the magazine adopted a landscape format, so that original work could be printed on the left hand side, and critical works on the right - a remarkable design choice we've not seen repeated in any other magazine. Conceived of as a reaction to the 1880's movement, the magazine cast a wide and critical eye on movements of the early 20th century, including Expressionism, Dada, and early Dutch homosexual literature. The magazine was responsible, via van Doesberg, for introducing the Italian Futurist manifestos to the Netherlands. In 1922 a group of the employees of the magazine separated from the publication, and later started the equally influential periodical De Vrije Bladen.

The years 1918 and 1919 - complete here - have a remarkable and bold square format created by the female Dutch graphic designer Roline Wichers Wierdsma.

With contributions across the issues from Theo van Doesburg, the Surrealist Hendrik de Vries, Herman van den Bergh, Pierre Kemp, E. d'Oliveira, Paul van Ostaijen, Jos. Leonard, Renée Dunan, A. den Doolaard et al. Item #27908

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