Handbill for Two Recitals by David Tudor, Including the First New York Performance of 4'33.

New York: [1954. 4 x 8 1/4", offset printed on recto; green card stock.

The original handbill for two performances by David Tudor in 1954 at Carnegie Hall. The first night notes that there will be performances of pieces by Earle Brown, Christian Wolff and John Cage. Though not mentioned by name, this performance was the first New York performance of 4'33, and second ever performance of the piece, preceded only by the first performance in Woodstock. We've never managed to find any ephemera documenting the Woodstock performance, making this perhaps the first printed ephemera in relation to Cage's most famous composition. Moreover, this New York performance was likely the performance at which a greater number of Cage's contempories, the musicians and poets of what would become the New York School, were first exposed to the piece. It is tempting to wonder who was in the audience that night - aside from a write-up the following day in the New York Times, we can find little documentation of the performance or its reception

The handbill notes that advance tickets can be ordered from John Cage at his East 17th street address. We have handled another handbill for the first night performance which mentions 4'33 by name and lists each movement; the present handbill uses the same font and spacing schema, and was probably designed by the same person.

This handbill exists with at least 4 different colors of paper stock - blue, green, cream, and gray.

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