Collection of 69 Punk Flyers from Detroit. Detroit Punk.

Collection of 69 Punk Flyers from Detroit

Detroit: c. 1977-1982. 69 flyers, most 8 1/2 x 11", all either printed by original photocopy process or offset, of which 44 are flyers for individual shows, and the remaining 7 are club calendars, listing all shows for a particular venue for a month.

A cache of posters documenting both local and visiting punk bands, and a vital index of venues and shows during the era. A large number of these flyers are for shows at Bookie's Club, which had originally been named Frank Gagen's Supper Club, but which switched to punk programming after the success of several shows by the Sillies there, after which it became perhaps the central club of the new punk scene. The punk shows stopped around '82, and later in the decade the building burned down, and is now a parking lot.

Bands include Destroy All Monsters, Dead Boys, Iggy Pop, Coldcock, Skafish, The State, Jonathan Richman, Romantics, Seat Belts, The Cubes, The Lips, Boners, Denizens, Cult Heroes, Cadillac Kidz, The Crayon Killers, The Sillies, The Cookies, Seatbelts, The Losers, Teenage Head, Bulbous, Mustapha, Canned Citizens, Johnnies, A-Moms, The Nash the Slash, Swingers, Cubes, Tremor, R.U.R., The 27, The Ivories, Cinecyde, Rushlow-King Combo, Mark Norton, Attack, Shrapnel, Torpedos, The Exploited, Son of Sam, Circle Jerks, The Roomates, The 3-D Invisibles, The Privates, Polyrock, Life Unit, Romeo Void, Rockat's, The Mutants, The Amerikats, Rockabilly Cats, Nikki Corvette, Buzzards, and others.

Venues include the Pretzel Bowl, Bookies Club, Rick's American Cafe, The New Miami, Second Chance, Masonic Auditorium, Halfway Inn, Aruba Palace, The City Club, Paycheck's, Clutch Cargo's, The Ranch, Alvin's Finer Twilight Bar, Lorial's, and others. Item #27084

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