Mieux Vivre: Revue Mensuelle. No. 1 (1936) - No. 9 (1939) [Complete in 37 numbers]. George Besson, ed.
Mieux Vivre: Revue Mensuelle. No. 1 (1936) - No. 9 (1939) [Complete in 37 numbers]
Mieux Vivre: Revue Mensuelle. No. 1 (1936) - No. 9 (1939) [Complete in 37 numbers]
Mieux Vivre: Revue Mensuelle. No. 1 (1936) - No. 9 (1939) [Complete in 37 numbers]
Mieux Vivre: Revue Mensuelle. No. 1 (1936) - No. 9 (1939) [Complete in 37 numbers]
Mieux Vivre: Revue Mensuelle. No. 1 (1936) - No. 9 (1939) [Complete in 37 numbers]
Mieux Vivre: Revue Mensuelle. No. 1 (1936) - No. 9 (1939) [Complete in 37 numbers]
Mieux Vivre: Revue Mensuelle. No. 1 (1936) - No. 9 (1939) [Complete in 37 numbers]
Mieux Vivre: Revue Mensuelle. No. 1 (1936) - No. 9 (1939) [Complete in 37 numbers]

Mieux Vivre: Revue Mensuelle. No. 1 (1936) - No. 9 (1939) [Complete in 37 numbers]

Villefranche: 1936-39. 12mo, first three years each bound marbled green paper over bouards, backed in crushed green morocco raised in five bands at the spine, with gilt titles, and original pictorial wraps preserved, the final nine issues each in the original saddle-stapled illustrated wraps. Profusely illustrated photographs strikingly printed by rotogravure, many full page. Text in French.

All issues published of this unlikely and beautifully designed and printed periodical devoted to health and lifestyle, with a heavy focus on photography. The periodical was founded by Jean Bonthoux at les laboratoires Fluxine, a company that produced herbal compounds for health and hygiene, particularly aimed at women. In an unusual format, each issue was devoted to a single theme, such as skiing, smoking, or eating. The final three issues of '39 were not printed because of the onslaught of WWII. The periodical included many of leading photographers and writers of the day: Brassaï, Emmanuel Sougez, Ylla, André Kertesz, Marcel Ayme, Charles Vildrac, Paul Leautaud, Laure Albun Guillot et al.

A complete listing of contents follows.


1. Le ski. Text by Pierre Scize.
2. Manger. Texte by Henri Duvernois.
3. Rire. Text by Gabriel Chevallier. Photographs by Schostal, Sougez, P. Wolff, Hase, R. Zuber, Blanc & Demilly.
4. Boire. Texts by Georges Lecomte. Photographs by Blanc & Demilly, Sougez, Pierre-Adam, Elisabeth Hase, Perckhammer, Jean Roubier, Nora Dumas, W. de Poll.
5. Partir. Text by Élie Faure. Photographs by Paul Schulz, Pierre Betz, W. de Foll, Nora Dumas, Louis Caillaud, and Paul Wolff.
6. Pêcher. Text by Marcel Aymé. Photographs by André Steiner, Delius, Schall, N. Dumas, G. Besson, Sougez, and Dumas Satigny.
7. L'enfant. Text by Charles Vildrac. Photographs by Blanc et Demilly, Wolf, André Steiner, Ergy Landau, André Steiner, and W. de Poll.
8. Le Bain. Text by Francis Carco.
9. Chasser. Text by Gaston Chérau. Photographs by Ylla, Ergy Landau, Schostal, Schall, Wolff, René Zuber, and André Kertesz.
10. Danser. Text by George Besson. Photographs by André Steiner, Nino, Schostal, Schall, Sougez, and Pierre Verger.
11. Fumer. Text by Joseph Jolinon. Photographs by André Kertesz, Blanc & Demilly, Perckhammer, Wolf, Sougez, de Poll, Studio Ylla, Heinrich Hoffmann, and Ergy Landau.
12. Jardins. Text by Georges Duhamel. Photographs by G. Noël, E. Hase, Blanc & Demilly, Schostal, P. Wolff, Sougez, and Nora Dumas.

1937 :

1. La musique. Text by Émile Vuillermoz. Photographs by Schostal, Vigneau, Sougez, Albin Guillot, Blanc & Demilly, F. Tuefferd, and A. Steiner.
2. L'auto. Text by Luc Durtain. Photographs by Schostal, Schall Frères, Van de Poll, Docteur Wolff, Nora Dumas, René Zuber, Pierre Boucher, and Perckhammer.
3. Peindre. Text by Van Dongen. Photographs by Claude Renoir, G. Besson, Nora Dumas, and André Steiner.
4. Le chien. Texte by Gaston Chérau. Photographs by George Besson, Ylla, Docteur Wolff, Andrée Braun, Schostal, and Perckhammer.
5. Le football. Text by Joseph Jolinon. Photographs by L. Rubelt and Schostal.
6. Le camping. Text by Gabriel Joseph Gros. Photographs by René Zuber, V. Jiru, Féher, Paul Wolff, Schostal, and G. Hase.
7. L'avion. Text by Elie Faure. Photographs by Docteur Wolff, de Poll, René Zuber, L. Dandrieu
8. Le chat. Text de Paul Léautaud.
9. Les vendanges. Text by C. F. Ramuz. Photographs by Blanc & Demilly, Perckhammer, Nora Dumas, and Sougez.
10. Les fleurs. Text by Colette. Photographss by Wolff, A. Besson, Schostal, Sougez, Blanc et Demilly, and Hase.
11. La ferme. Text by Maurice de Vlaminck. Photographs by Wolff, George Besson, Nora Dumas, Perckhammer, and François Tuefferd.
12. Chez soi. Text by George Besson. Photographs by Sougez, G. Noël, Dr Wolff, Nora Dumas, Ergy Landau, George Besson, Max Del, and Pierre Betz.

1938 :

1. Les cartes. Texte by Tristan Bernard. Photographs by Blanc & Demilly, Nora Dumas, Jean Roubier, F. Tuefferd, and Dr Wolff.
2. Le cinéma. Text by Francis Carco.
3. Lire. Texte by Marcel Ray. Photographs by Van de Poll, Nora Dumas, Jean Roubier, Sougez, Dr Wolff, Perckhammer, and George Besson.
4. Le village. Text by Marius Mermillon.
5. La photographie. Texte by Sougez. Photographs by Sougez, Brassaï, Ergy Landau, Blanc et Demilly, A. Rougier, Jep & Carré, Studio Tronchet, André Steiner, Nora Dumas, Jean Roubier, F. Tuefferd, Perckhammer, and René Zuber.
6. La ville. Texte byJean-Richard Bloch. Photographs by Docteur Wolff, Blanc & Demilly, Studio Tronchet, George Besson, Ergy Landau, Brassaï, Jahan, and Jean Roubier.
7. La bicyclette. Text by Luc Durtain. Photographs by George Besson, Studio Tronchet, Laslo, Braun, F. Tuefferd, André Steiner, Brassaï, Docteur Wolff, and Denise Bellon.
8. Le soleil. Texte by Pierre Scize. Photographs by Docteur Wolff, Papillon, André Steiner, Brassaï, Sougez, George Besson, Vals, Alain Duchemin, and François Tuefferd.
9. La voile. Texte by Bernard Franck. Photographs by Yvon, Brassaï, Dr Wolff, Perckhammer, Alvao, F. Tuefferd, P. Verger, and A. Steiner.
10. L'eau. Text by Louis Guilloux. Photographs by George Besson, Papillon, André Steiner, Biju-Duval, Sougez, Jean Frédière, François Tuefferd, and Docteur Wolff.
11. Dormir. Text by Henri Wallon. Photographs by Brassaï, Nora Dumas, René Zuber, D. Bellon, Dr Wolff, Papillon, and Sougez.
12. Écrire. Texte by George Besson. Photographs by Papillon, E. Landau, G. Besson, N. Dumas, P. Verger, N. Dumas, Halsman.

1939 :

1. Le cirque. Text by Tristan Rémy. Photographs by Brassaï, François Tuefferd.
2. Le lait. Text by Pierre Scize. Photographs by Wolff, Denise Bellon, Ergy Landau, Brassaï, Papillon, and André Boyer.
3. Le music-hall. Text by Saint-Granier. Photographs by Schostal, Sougez, Studio Liptnitzki, and Papillon.
4. Sculpter. Text by Jean Charbonneaux. Photographs by Schostal, Brassaï, and Wolff.
5. La marche. Text by Joseph Jolinon. Photographs by Papillon, Ergy Landau, Paul Wolff, Nora Dumas, Geroges Besson, and Elisabeth Hase.
6. Les boules. Text by Pierre Guillermet. Photographs by Tabard (Studio Tronchet), Papillon, François Tuefferd, G. La Tour, Blanc & Demilly, and George Besson.
7. Le poisson. Text by Marius Mermillon. Photographs by Gunnard Lundh, André Steiner, Le Boyer, Papillon, Sougez, and Dumas-Satigny.
8. Le pain. Text by Francis Jourdain. Photographs by George Besson, Le Boyer, Papillon, Nora Dumas, Sougez, Gaston Braun, Studio Tronchet, Jacques Prévières, and André Steiner.
9. Les fruits. Text by Jean-Louis Vaudoyer. Photographs by Blanc & Demilly, Sougez, Dumas Satigny, Papillon, Van de Poll, Pierre Boucher, Féher, George Besson, P. Schulz, G. Hase, Studio Tronchet, and Docteur Paul Wolff.

Rare complete.

Bindings lightly rubbed, with some fading to spines and toning to wraps of the latter issues, one of which has a 2" tidemark to one tip only lightly penetrating into the interior. Very good to near fine. Item #26963

Price: $1,250.00

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