The City of the Midnight Sun... [Manuscript]. Abdu Wadud, Cyril Kalfin Robert Smith.
The City of the Midnight Sun... [Manuscript]

The City of the Midnight Sun... [Manuscript]

[New York]: c. 1962. 4to, twenty leaves clipbound into a green card folder, typewritten on rectos only, with holograph corrections and additions in pencil, as well as brief holograph passages to the verso of several leaves. Cover, and verso of final leaf illustrated with drawings in ink, graphite, and colored pencil. Provenance available upon request.

A superb unpublished manuscript of beat life in Greenwich Village at the dawn of the 1960's. The first page begins with an unattributed short prose piece which begins

"The City of the Midnight Sun is my little city within the vast metropolis of New York City. Where can one find this city? In the many coffee houses of Greenwich Village beneath flourescent [sic] bulbs, or the dim, shadowed rooms with candles playing weird shadows on thw alls. The City of the Midnight Sun comes alive at midnight. While the rest of the city sleeps, the night people can be found talking, laughing, despairing. What is midnight to the day people, is noon to the people in The City of the Midnight Sun..."

The remainder of the manuscript prints short prose passages and poems, most of them attributed to one Abdu Wadud, but also a two page poem by one Robert Smith, a short prose piece also beginning with the title phrase attributed to Cyril Kalfin, and, in conclusion, an unattributed poem entitled 'cafe de espagna'.

The longest poem attributed to Wadud is entitled "Sunday morning church in Harlem 125th Main Throughfare", a poetic exploration of the connection of Jazz to church music in Harlem, which concludes with references to Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, Thelonius Monk and Ray Charles. Item #26509

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