Unsafe. Girl With Arms Akimbo.


San Francisco: Girl With Arms Akimbo, [1990]. 24 x 35 1/2" poster, cyanotype process on white paper.

One of an extremely limited number of copies of the poster printed with a cyanotype process. The normal edition of the poster was printed using a photocopy process in black and white. The poster was produced to be posted up in San Francisco that year as street art during the Sixth International Conference on AIDS, as part of a brilliant series of posters, half of which were titled "SAFE", and depicted sexual acts, and the other half, as with this example, entitled "UNSAFE", and depicting politicians. The text accuses Bush of "genocide by neglect" for his refusal to fund AIDS research and rescind the HIV+ travel ban.

Boy With Arms Akimbo / Girl with Arms Akimbo was an anonymous queer activist group based in SF, and active from 1989-1992.

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