Safe Conduct Pass. Anonymous.

Safe Conduct Pass

np: nd [c. 1967-69]. 5 1/2 x 6", printed in two colors on ruled pale green paper, watermarked (Whale Arrowhead Safety Paper).

A safe conduct pass for the straight world to visit Hippie Land, a reference to and re-imagination of the safe conduct passes used in the Vietnam War and other conflicts for travel through enemy-held lands. Issued without attribution. The Diggers also issued a Safe Conduct Pass [see McKenna & Hollander p. 162], though we've been unable to find whether this is related to the Diggers project, inspired by it, or unrelated. We've also heard a rumor that the pass is by Tuli Kupferberg which we've been unable to substantiate, though the pass is pictured at the conclusion of Tuli Kupferberg's essay in Joseph Berke's 1969 work Counter Culture: The Creation of an Alternate Society [p. 89].


"Have you heard all those wild rumors of sex-crazed women, pot, easy money, community & love among the hippies? What if they're true? Don't waste any time. Find out now -- while you're still young. (If they're not true you can always go back to your dull job, boring wife, annoying kids, TV dinners, TV (ugh) & the police force.) This is a safe conduct pass to Hippie-Land. Hand this to the first friendly looking, long-haired boy or girl (it doesn't matter if you can't tell them apart (we'll teach you)) you meet. Good luck. This is the first day of the rest of your life. Peace Music Love Revolution Joy."

Toned, especially to upper margin, else clean and very good. Item #26249

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