Cache of Typescripts and Posters. Piero Heliczer.
Cache of Typescripts and Posters
Cache of Typescripts and Posters
Cache of Typescripts and Posters
Cache of Typescripts and Posters
Cache of Typescripts and Posters
Cache of Typescripts and Posters
Cache of Typescripts and Posters
Cache of Typescripts and Posters
Cache of Typescripts and Posters
Cache of Typescripts and Posters

Cache of Typescripts and Posters

Various places, various dates. A stack including two unpublished typescripts submitted by Heliczer to the International Times, and 11 posters advertising performances, happenings or film screenings by Heliczer and others, a generous selection of the scarce ephemera that Heliczer used in conjunction with his strange and beautiful career. A complete list follows.

a. Heliczer, Piero. Interview on Fashion. Np: 1967. Vintage xero copy of a typescript, annotated in Heliczer's hand in ink on cover with the phrase "perhaps better in my own style i.e. no punctuation or capitals". Bound with a paperclip at upper left hand corner.

An unpublished typescript by Heliczer submitted to editor Bill Levy for publication in the International Times, though the piece remains to the best of our knowledge unpublished. The text is a collection of gossipy quotes about fashion. The replies indicate a familiarity with Heliczer, suggesting that the quotes came from people in Heliczer's social orbit. Given the tone of the quotes, as well as the timing and Heliczer's close familiarity with the Factory crowd at this time, and mention of Gerard Malanga's style, as well as a reference to haircutting at the site of the interview, we strongly suspect that this article is cobbled together of quotes from at least some members of Andy Warhol's Factory - an unpublished dispatch from the Factory Crowd on Fashion.

Paper toned and a bit creased. Very good.

b. Heliczer, Piero. On Film. [1967]. Five 8 1/2 x 11" sheets, vintage "xero copy" from typescript and holograph emendations.

A five pp. typescript submitted to Bill Levy, editor of the International Times, for publication of that magazine in 1967, though to the best of our knowledge the text was never published. The text is an essay on eroticism and the relationship between the camera and the object, and it includes a faintly reproduced page of stills from Heliczer's film "Joan of Arc", including shots of Andy Warhol, Ted Berrigan, Gerard Malanga and others. A second sheet of images and text reproduces a collaborative work between Heliczer and Jack Smith entitied "photos of the remarkable 1929 nameless woman disappearance", a series of photographs in a camp vein very similar to their collaboration "The Beautiful Book". The sheet also prints the name "Araby Stillman", certainly a reference to the mysterious Frances Araby Stillman, onetime partner of Angus Maclise, but we've been unable to ascertain whether or not she is the woman in the photographs.

The text didn't appear in the International Times, and we can't find any record of it being published elsewhere. We also find no reference to the original manuscript surviving, making this perhaps the only known example so far of one of Heliczer's most fully realized statements on filmmaking, and rare documentation of an unpublished collaboration with Jack Smith.

c. Heliczer, Piero. Two Flyers Announcing Screenings in New York, With Typewritten and Holograph Additions to Verso of Each. New York: 1990. Two 8 1/2 x 11" sheets, with typewritten and holograph additions, constituting a missive to William Levy. With the original mailing envelope, addressed and postmarked to the Levy family.

The first flyer announces "piero heliczer's mysterious reappearance" on December 12th at the Knitting Factory, and is illustrated with a photomontage of the Beatles slongside a youthful image of Heliczer in graduation garb. The verso is illustrated with a four panels reproducing a photograph of Andy Warhol, which may be xerox art specific to this example of the flyer, as the only other exampe of this flyer we've previously handled had a blank verso. On the verso commences a typewritten letter from Heliczer to Levy, about impotent art vampires. The rest of the letter is taken up with a lewd joke about nuns, which runs off the page and continues on the verso of the flyer described below, along with another joke and a short handwritten inscription.

The second flyer announces "Piero Heliczer's Christmas Show", and is illustrated with a photocollage incorporating a Dezo Hoffmann photo of the Beatles against the Seine river. The verso prints a lengthy self-penned CV describing Heliczer's career, along with the conclusion of the letter described above.

One of the best and most revealing examples of correspondence we've seen from Heliczer, revealing of his relationship to other artists and also his superb use of figures from pop culture in his work.

Each flyer folded several times for mailing, and toned. Envelope roughly opened and toned. Very good.

d. Heliczer, Piero. Flyer for Screenings of Dirt and Autumn Feast.

Amsterdam: [1992]. 8 1/4 x 11 1/2" flyer, xeroxed from collage and holograph. With the original mailing envelope, addressed and strikingly typed in two colors by Heliczer to the Levy family in Amsterdam.

Folded twice for mailing. Very good.
e. Heliczer, Piero. Andy Warhol Invites You to A Costume Ball in Honor of Piero Heliczer's 52 Birthday.

Amsterdam: Piero Heliczer, 1989. 8 1/4 x 11 5/8" flyer, illustrated with a collage incorporating a still of Andy Warhol lifting weights from Heliczer's film Joan of Arc, flanked by nuns. Housed in the original mailing envelope addressed to William Levy in Amsterdam.

Pedants may point out that Andy Warhol probably neither hosted the party nor was in attendance in Amsterdam, having died two years earlier. Those are probably not the people who are going to buy this poster anyways.

Folded twice for mailing, with some light additional creasing. Very good. Envelope opened roughly. Very good.

f. Heliczer, Piero. Flyer for A Major Poetry Reading by Piero Heliczer.

New York: nd. 8.5 x 11" flyer, printed in black on recto only on red paper.

Folded twice, else fine fine.

g. Heliczer, Piero. Poster Announcing the Publication of Sundays Child. Piero Heliczer for President. New York: [1988]. 8 1/2 x 11" flyer, original xerox from collage and holograph. Folded twice, and addressed and postmarked to Bill Levy in Amsterdam at verso, with the return address given as The Rare Book Room.

A poster advertising the release of one of Piero's rarest books, Sundays Child, published in late 1987, and here described as being limited to "less than 10 copies". The poster also doubles to advertise Piero's 1988 run for president. Rare ephemera from Heliczer's itinerary time spent wandering in New York City and running for president, when he used the Rare Book Room as a base for many of his activities.

Aforementioned folds, some toning to margins and a couple of slight stains, very good.

h. Heliczer, Piero. Promotional Flyer for Piero Heliczer's 1988 Run for President. [New York]: c. 1987. 8 1/2 x 11" sheet, original xerox print on white paper.

A flyer made by Piero to publicize his 1987 run for president, requesting signatures to get Heliczer's name on the ballet by sending them to the Rare Book Room. Ephemera from Heliczer's itinerant period in the late 1980's, when he used the bookstore as a base.

Folded once, with creasing, but very good.

i. Heliczer, Piero. Europe Without Piero is Like a Song Without Words. Amsterdam: Committee for the Restoration of the Holy Roman Empire, 1979. 8 1/2 x 14", original xerox from photomontage and holograph.

A poster made by Piero to advertise his candidacy for Emperor of Europe, as part of his mysterious Committee for the Restoration of the Holy Roman Empire. This flyer and this campaign predate his later run for President of the United States by almost a decade.

Two old fold lines, else very good.

j. Heliczer, Piero and Paul Sharits, Pattilee Chenis. Flyer for a Series of Film Screenings at the Paris Filmmakers' Cooperative.

Paris: Paris Filmmakers' Cooperative, nd. 8 1/2 x 10 3/3", offset printed from photomontage.

A flyer for a series of film screenings over two weekends at the Paris Filmmakers' Coop, featuring films by Heliczer (Robin Des Bois and Sainte Thérèse), Paul Sharits (Nothing), and Pattilee Chenis (Yoghurt Subculture

The design is uncredited, but the lowercase typography and style of the photomontage leads us to believe that it was probably designed by Heliczer.


k. Warhol, Andy and Piero Heliczer, Pattilee Chenis, Ray Wisniewski. Flyer for a Series of Screenings by the Paris Filmmakers' Coop. Paris: Paris Filmmakers' Coop, nd. 8 1/4 x 11 3/4", offset litho in green.

Flyer for a Series of Screenings by the Paris Filmmakers' Coop at the Theatre Mouffetard, including films by Andy Warhol (Couch), Piero Heliczer (Jeanne d'Arc and Automne Dirt), Pattilee Chenis (Sumleo and Yoghurt Culture), and Ray Wisniewski (Doom Show).

The design of the poster is uncredited, but the typography and approach makes us think that it was likely done by Heliczer.

l. Heliczer, Piero. Poster for The Warhol Link Piero Heliczer. Amsterdam: Soyo Productions, 1989. 16 5/8 x 23 1/4" poster, offset printed in black on yellow paper.

The large poster for this multi-media event held at the Amsterdam clubs Roxy and Zaal 100, featuring poetry, prose, film, and theater. The poster is illustrated with a drawing of Andy Warhol holding a diminuitive drink, alongside Piero bare-chested lying on a couch, with the New York City skyline - and prominently, the Chrysler Building - in the background. As part of the event Warhol's film Couch was screened, as well as the Heliczer films, Bengasi, Dirt, Autumn Feast, Satisfaction, and Joan of Arc. Participants included Richard Hell, Judy Radul, Simen Vinkenoog, Jeff Wright, Frank Starik, Harry Hoogstraten, AJA, and E. A.

Very good with some light handling creases. Item #26047

Price: $2,500.00

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