Letterpress Ticket for the Gila Monster Jamboree. Independent Project Press, The Meat Puppets Sonic Youth, Psi com, Redd Kross.

Letterpress Ticket for the Gila Monster Jamboree

[Los Angeles]: Desolation Center, 1985. 2 1/2 x 6 1/4" ticket, letterpress printed in two colors on thick card stock. Rubberstamped "sample" at verso. Stub perforated at left margin, but still intact and unused.

A beautifully printed ticket for the event, Sonic Youth's west coast debut, and one of a series of inventive happenings by Desolation Center. The price of the ticket, as listed on the stub, included bus transportation. Printing is unattributed, but certainly the work of Bruce Licher at Independent Project Press.

Fine. Item #25981