Burnt River Primer 3. Al Horvath, ed., d. a. levy.

Burnt River Primer 3

Cleveland, OH: Falling Down Press, 1975. 4to, mimeographed, rubberstamped, and found leaves, rolled and held with a rubberband and generously wrapped in saran wrap.

Third issue of the little magazine, which ran to at least 8 numbers. This issue is perhaps the most innovative in format; the contributions, some of which are rubberstamped, are interleaved with a Burger King hamburger wrapper, and include complex directions on the assembly of the magazine as an event, with scissors, a chair, an audience, and a glass of tequila, the soon-to-be disarrayed sheets to be read in any order.

With contributions from d. a. levy (a posthumous reprint of 'bourgeoisie chant', M.A. solars, Dave Pishnery, Meg Buynak, Thomas J. Cooper, Rich Pike, Vincent Casaregola, and Nona Criti.

Some toning and creasing, but very good. Item #25528

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