Poster Mailer for the Exhibition 'Hyperspaces'. Dan Devine, Louise Lawler John Dogg, David Wilson, Lawrence Weiner, Emily Miller, Michele Zalopany, Richard Prince.
Poster Mailer for the Exhibition 'Hyperspaces'

Poster Mailer for the Exhibition 'Hyperspaces'

New York: Art City, 1986. 10 1/2 x 12" sheet, offset printed on coated card stock. Folded once, as issued, and addressed and postmarked. Text by Klaus Ottman.

The poster exhibition announcement for this prescient and far too little-known exhibition at Art City devoted to "manifestations of space in a world in which the Kantian notion of space, as an a priori intuition, has been replaced by simulations of a space that is always already reproduced by today's simulative technoscience, the inextricability of postmodern science and technology." The exhibit was curated by Klaus Ottmann & Leslie Tonkonow.

The poster is illustrated by 7 b/w reprodutions or photographs of works by each artist, which in this case included John Dogg (aka Richard Prince), Dan Devine, Louise Lawler, Emily Miller, Lawrence Weiner, David Wilson, and Michele Zalopany.

Addressed and mailed, with sticker enclosure remnants, and some additional faint staining and creasing, but very good.

Rare. Item #25308

Price: $150.00