Appeal to the Community. La Ocupación.

Appeal to the Community

New York: La Ocupación, 1974. 8 1/4 x 1 5/8", printed on recto only.

A statement made by the General Assembly of the squatters who had, since the summer of 1970, occupied 500 W. 111, 500 W. 112, and 1046 Amsterdam, near St. John of the Divine and Columbia University. The squatters had been threatened with eviction by Morningside House, an organization that had close ties to the clergy of St. John of the Divine.

A note printed at the foot of the flyer notes that this is a reissue of the first version of the flyer, which was printed for a protest on the front of the church several days before, this reissue coming four days before the eviction date, though the struggle would continue when the case went to court in the following year - a case in which the judge was the legendary Bruce M. Wright, who twice through the case out on the basis of improper eviction notice procedures by Morningside House.

Folded twice, with some light additiona creasing. Very good. Item #24389

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