The Great Famine Continues. Irish Mashed Potato 1972. BM Ducasse.

The Great Famine Continues. Irish Mashed Potato 1972

London: BM Ducasse, 1972. First edition. 17 3/4 x 13 3/8" sheet, mimeographed on recto only, with a somewhat off center fold to make the post a booklet of a sort. Rubberstamped with the BM Ducasse address.

A poster manifesto featuring a post-situ analysis of the killings in Derry on January 30 of that year, concluding "Beware creeps! Situationists are now everywhere!" BM Ducasse was the post-situ group which counted as a member a young Tony Wilson, later of Factory Records fame, this long before the Hacienda nightclub.

Rare. OCLC locates only the British Library example as of the time of cataloguing.

Very good with some moderate creasing. Item #24363

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