Le Melog No. 1. Jimmy Piget, ed.

Le Melog No. 1

Paris: Le Melog, 1974. First edition. 4to, mimeographed leaves and pamphlets housed in an envelope illustrated with a woodblock print by Lôdie Serrano.One of a limited edition of 150 copies.

The debut issue of this Surrealist artists' periodical, affiliated with Incendie de Fôret. With contributions by Patrice Uhl, Jimmy Gladiator, Jéhan van Langhenhoven, Jean-Paul Guegen, and Lôdie Serrano.

Collated against the table of contents leaf within, and complete. Contents are fine; the envelope is poor, heavily chipped at margins and torn almost completely along folds, but the front panel print is preserved. Item #24330

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