Otano 1949. Julio Cortazar, Juan Andres Otano.
Otano 1949
Otano 1949

Otano 1949

[Buenos Aires]: Galeria Antu, 1949. First edition. 8vo, single sheet folded once. Illustrated with a single black and white reproduction. Text by Julio Cortazar.

The exhibition catalogue for this exhibition of drawings and paintings by the Argentinean painter and muralist Otano. The catalog prints a brief but important one page text by Cortazar, an early text published under his own name and in the same year as the publication of Los Reyes. The text is a beautiful manifesto on painting in which several enduring themes of Cortazar's work are struck - the necessity of an active viewer in art, an emphasis on the importance of childhood vision, and a distrust of the status quo. The heavy emphasis on eyelids in the text presages Cortazar's final poems which make up Negro Diez.

The text has not yet been translated into English, though it was collected in Spanish Form in Papeles Inesperados.

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