030315–070315. Fredrik Averin.


Portland, Ore. Fredrik Averin, 2015. First edition. 11 Books, a folding calendar, and related items of utmost importance, all housed in a 9.75 x 7.75 x 3.375" foil stamped book cloth slipcase box. one of 15 numbered copies, 5 of which constitute a left hand edition, the remainder of which are the right hand edition.

This is the second box set of artist's books by Fredrik Averin, and the latest installment in the artist's ongoing project which explore language, people, narratives, couples, human intention, softness, failure, self-awareness, peculiar situations, the printed (and unprinted) page, and which question the format and purpose of the book in portland, oregon.

A complete list of the books are as follows:

everything i have / i have everything, first edition of 42
adult color book no. 1, first edition of 42
språk: idioma: language:, first edition of 42
a curated sampling of beginnings rotations folds iterations founds starts selections arcs scents chaos intentions goods letters black loneliness humidity questions confusion potential underpinnings angles & gaps, first edition of 42
3 ft. gaze(s), first edition of 42
42, first edition of 42
not quite righ t, first edition of 42
on / in, first edition of 42
2012.07.05 – 2012.07.16, first edition of 42
point, line, plane, and solid, first edition of 42
france contre france, first edition of 42
folding calendar by james yeary and fredrik averin, first edition of 42
measured rules (three sizes), first edition of 15
from personal collection (two items), first edition of 15
6" bottle, first edition of 15
brass clamp scissors
magnifying loupe
sheet of round stickers
folding collage, unique copy
portrait of the artist author editor designer printer publisher in the air, first edition of 15
certificate of authenticity
bill of transfer/sale
exit interview. Item #23694

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