Untitled Drawing. Christopher Perret.

Untitled Drawing

Approximately 9 1/2 x 15", ink and watercolor on paper. Inscribed "to A + D" at lower left hand corner in pencil, and signed "Christopher" in the lower right and corner.

A striking and mysterious drawing by Christopher Perret, who was at one time associated with Leni Sinclair, and whose artwork appeared in the pages of some of the best magazines of the era, including the Artists' Workshop journal, Poesie Vivante, and Botteghe Oscure. Two volumes of his poetry were published in fugitive editions by Outposts and Hors Commerce Press. He was also known as a translator.

The drawing is a striking one, featuring a woman with a cup reversed, spilling a red liquid, possibly blood that rises to frame her. Because of the upended cup we wonder if this is a reference to the tarot.

Perret died of a heart attack in 1965, the year in which this drawing is dated. He seems to have left behind many mysteries – David just handed me a copy of El Corno Emplumado 18, with a biographical note that states “we know little about the 5 Algerian poets translated here by Christopher Perret, and Perret’s death leaves us without possibility of further knowledge concerning them. . . “

Card stock chipped, brittle, and tidemarked at margins, good only. Item #23385

Price: $750.00

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