An Armory Show. Rosco Louie Gallery.

An Armory Show

Seattle: Rosco Louie Gallery, 1979. 8vo, two unbound, folded sheets, xeroxed in b/w. With rubberstamped guns to back cover, along with a perforated stamp made for the show tipped onto back cover. Signed by R. E. Beans within.

Exhibition catalogue for this early show at Larry Reid's Rosco Louie gallery - the legendary punk gallery infamous for its unfriendliness to art collectors, and for acting as a vital early space for artists such as Peter Bagge, Charles Burns, Art Spiegelman, Matt Groening etc. and as a performance venue that helped to incubate the punk scene on the west coast. The space was succeeded by the Graven Image, an important venue for the nascent grunge scene.

An Armory show exhibition - devoted to arms and armor, of course - was one of the earliest exhibitions at the space, and lists work and performances by Art Foot, Mike Ball, Anna Banana, R.E. Beans, Ross Palmer Beecher, The other Michael Burns, Jack Chevalier, Clair Colquitt, Joe Lee Davidson, Edith Deebach, Beth Elliott, Flying Weasel, Mike Freeman, Frank Function, Art Garcia, Robert Gibney, Sue Ann Harkey, Randy Hayes, Jay Kinney, Rich La Peer, Paul Leavitt, Louie Lewy, A.S. Loris, Gale Mc Dowell, Jeff Murray, Kristin Nelson, Ries Niemi, Susan Nininger, Tom Patrick, Jack Perkins, Rob Rachowiecki, Heather Ramsay, RIP, Robert Rockola, Ed Rodriguez, Ray Sage, Pete Santino, Mick Sheldon, Buster Simpson, Carl Smool, Mark Steen, Paula Strobel, Brian Swanson, Larry Vanover, John Wilson, Lou Zeldis, George Shayler, Artfoot, Jesse Bernstein, Art Detective, and Ray Sage. The "No Futurism" manifesto is printed in conclusion.

Rare ephemera from an essential venue; OCLC locates no holdings. Near fine with light toning. Item #23305

Price: $45.00

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