Le Bonheur Mental. Maurice Lemaitre, ed.

Le Bonheur Mental

Paris: Centre de créativité, 1971-79. three issues, each a stab-stapled 4to; the first issue is mimeographed from drawing and typescript on newsprint, the two later issues photocopied on rectos only and stab-stapled. The earlier issue subtitled "Bulletin de l'Assocation de Defense des Victimes de la Psychiatre, de la Psychanalyse et de l'Anti-Psychiatrie; the two later issues subtitled "Bulletin de la Société de Psychokhadologie et de Psychothéie ; s.l. : Association de Défense des Victimes de la Psychiatrie, de Psychanalyse et de l'Anti-psychiatrie."

Three issues of an unknown number of issues of this periodical devoted to attacks on psychiatry. The firstis described as an "extrait du no. 1, edite specialement pour Le Congres de Royan". The two latter issues are nos. 1 and 5 from the Nouvelle Series. The earlier issue with a short tear to one tip and toning, the latter two issues fine. Item #22318

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