St. Marks Poetry Project New Year's Benefit 1983. George Schneeman.

St. Marks Poetry Project New Year's Benefit 1983

Single sheet, approximately 22 x 16", printed on recto and reproducing a black and white drawing by Schneeman of all the participants engaging in a Boschean Orgy.

If you've ever had the desire to see a non-metaphorical New York School gang bang, look no further. This is your poster. The downtown scene as a beast with a hundred backs!. See Ted Berrigan embracing Anne Waldman while being fellated by Maggie Dubris! Larry Rivers and Elinor Nauen as a single hermaphrodite! And what is M. J. Becker doing to Joe Brainard?

One could probably do worse than using a gang bang as a metapher for the artistic commerce of the New York School.

Folded three times, with some additional light creasing, but very good. Item #20511

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