About Us

Division Leap started in 2005 as a secret gallery in a two bedroom apartment in Northern Manhattan, from which our first print catalogs were issued. In 20011 we moved back to our hometown, Portland, Oregon, where we occupied a number of spaces, where we hosted exhibitions, readings, and musical performances, published books, and issued print catalogs. Division Leap closed its last public space at the end of 2016 in order to devote ourselves more fully to travel and discovering and writing about books and archives. We still issue print catalogs, but we also post several times a week at our blog, Archive & Survive

Our clients include a community of libraries, museums, private collectors, readers, auto-didacts and outsiders passionate about print culture. We specialize in helping to build collections for clients, and finding rare and out of print books. To enquire about any of these services, or to be added to our email or catalog lists, please contact us. 

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